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How to find your ideal client

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

So, you know who your ideal client is, don’t you?

Have a look at your client base, have a little think about the people you currently work with and exclude all of those client types that you do not like working with and/or have the least success with!

Once you know who your ideal client is, it’s time to start finding them. There are a few ways to do this, we have listed our top 8 below.

1. Facebook groups

By joining groups that have your ideal customers in you can learn what content they interact with, understand what pain points they often discuss and reach out to members that match your ideal client profile.

Facebook groups are a powerful tool that are often forgotten about and underutilised. Start by joining a couple of Facebook groups that by joining a couple of groups that are suitable (you don’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many groups and miss opportunities as you are spreading yourself too thin), once you are in the groups you can start connecting and building trust with your ideal clients. You can interact closely with potential customers and (as long as you follow the group guidelines) promote your business and or services.

Groups are the ideal place for you to showcase your knowledge, comment on posts where people are asking for opinions or help that are parallel to your services, offer them nuggets of advice and advise that they connect with you for further help.

Ask questions in groups, comment on your ideal clients questions and follow this up with direct messages. Develop a relationship where you offer valuable advice and support. This is an ideal opportunity to invite them to also join your own group.

Make sure that you are actively participating and engaging in these groups.

2. Search Facebook posts asking for “recommendations of your ideal customer”

Tap into the knowledge and experience of other group members. Many people will ask for recommendations in groups of someone that they have personally worked with that can solve a problem.

Search for posts that are asking for recommendations of your ideal customers. Then look at the list of comments. Each person recommended in that list is someone for you to reach out to and connect with.

3. Search on Facebook for friend suggestions that match your ideal client

Once you have started connecting with your ideal clients on Facebook, keep an eye on the ‘people you may know’ In your friend suggestions. Facebook will start suggesting people with similar profile types to those you are connecting with. Facebook suggestions vary between mutual friends, work, education, interests, groups and many more.

You can also see members of groups you are part of, take some time to look through these in case there are members that fit your ideal client profile that have missed your posts in the groups.

4. Write a message on your LinkedIn and/or Facebook profile

You have a lot of connections on your FB and/or LinkedIn profile.

Make sure you leverage your connections. We all know that people love to recommend someone they can help, we are much more likely to take out a service or hire someone if they come to us via a recommendation! So write a message on your profile asking for who you want to connect with, ask for recommendations for your ideal client.

People will recommend exactly who you want to work with and then you can reach out to them to and start developing a relationship via your LinkedIn or Facebook group, ask them to help with market research to improve your services while finding out what areas they need help with, invite them to your events.

All steps to help you with getting to know them, build trust and credibility so that when they are ready to work with someone you are the person they turn to.

5. Search for your ideal clients on Instagram

You can search for people on Instagram via different categories; ‘top, accounts, tags and places.’ Try searching for people under a hashtag that is relevant to your business, for example – ‘#marketinghelp’. This will not only bring up people who are looking for marketing help, but also people offering it.

If you find a post that is offering the same help as you, you can then scroll through the comments on the post and reach out to anyone that comments or likes It who fits your ideal client profile, like that person’s comment, follow them on Instagram and send them a direct message to introduce yourself and what you have to offer and how you can be of help.

6. Follow up with people you meet at networking events

Networking events, in person or digital are often fast and fun and more than often people forget to follow up afterwards.

If you speak with someone or hear someone speak (but don’t get a chance to talk with them at the event) reach out to them afterwards. Send them an email or connect with them on social media, re-introduce yourself and explain what it is that you do and how you can help them (or how your product will benefit them).

7. Search for directories on google with your ideal client

Once you have found some directories that contain your ideal clients, send them a message.

Pay attention to what you write in these messages, you do not want to be flagged up as spam and end up in junk folders or have a generic hard sale headline that turns people off of opening your message and sending it to their trash before they have even read it.

You want to capture people’s attention and draw them in to wanting to open the email to find out more information.

Inviting them to your Facebook or LinkedIn Group, not only provides you with the perfect opportunity to connect with them, but also is the perfect environment and platform to nurture long lasting business relationships.

8. Find groups on LinkedIn with your target audience in

Much like Facebook, LinkedIn has a powerful network of groups, more than one million groups in-fact so do not overlook this.

When you join a group on LinkedIn, you can turn on your notifications so you will receive group discussion notifications. Post valuable content that is specific to your business industry and provides value or resource to your ideal clients. Make sure you answer users’ questions as well as post your own content and stay active and present in your groups.

You want people to recognise you as an industry leader and helpful resource so you can build a community of users who look to you for advice and seek your services.

Join groups where your ideal client will be looking for advice or support, this may not be something as direct as ‘marketing help for xxx’ but could be ‘small businesses in London’.

If a LinkedIn member has a gold LinkedIn icon next to their personal profile or name in a search result, they are a premium member, and you are able to send a free message.

When you are in the same group as an ideal client, you are able to message them directly without needing to be a ‘first connection’.

When talking to potential clients on social media, it is always best to drive the conversation from either your group or direct messaging, rather than in a general group chat. This gives you control over the narrative and allows you to shape your customer journey.

Remember, your goal is to build a relationship with someone online, to get them to resonate with what you're saying which will in turn result into converting their interest into an enquiry.

If you want help finding your ideal clients or identifying who your ideal clients are then contact us today on 07877 927246

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