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How do you nurture and build a business relationship online?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

In the world of digital with potential for huge followings and the ability to boost almost all our posts, it is so easy to get caught up in the numbers. And, whilst the numbers are great, we need to remember that this isn’t the only factor to building an online community.

Social Media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are filled with thousands of entrepreneurs looking for insight, value and opportunities. Using these platforms effectively can lead to beneficial strong business relationships.

How many times have you scrolled to the reviews section, read the recommendations or reached out to other profiles to ask their opinion on a company or product? People, ourselves included, do not typically spend money straight away, we want assurance, accreditation and accountability. Large numbers of followers alone do not provide you with these invaluable resources, you need effective consistent marketing to provide a platform to build these relationships.

When you meet a potential client offline, in a coffee shop regularly, interact with them and get to know them better that is when they become more vulnerable, open up and share their challenges and ask for help!

So, how exactly do you build those same kind of beneficial online connections and develop nurturing and prosperous relationships?

Actively engage with building your own Facebook group

Online relationships are even harder than the real world to nurture. You need to make sure that you/r company profiles are staying connected with your online community. Invest time every day to identify the people you want to get to know, comment, connect and engage online, read their daily updates and have an understanding what is going on in their own little squares.

Do a little bit of market research. Find out in their words what they struggle with. What they find helpful, how they would feel if they succeed with their goals. This will help them to resonate with your content writing and live videos when you share valuable tips and advice on your social media platforms with the words that they used in your market research.

Creating your own group on Facebook with your ideal clients are a great place to engage with the correct people. You can search in other LinkedIn and Facebook groups for your ideal customers. Invite members to your group that fit your criteria, resonate with your topics of interest and this will be one of the most rewarding ways for you to add value, provide support and build relationships with potential clients while maintaining interaction with your loyal customers that you will develop into ambassadors for your business.

This needs to be one of the top points on your daily to do list.


Make sure your brand is relatable, even though you’re a business, people need to find you

relatable in order to develop a relationship! Your social media marketing should have a sense of fun about it, this doesn’t mean unprofessional or overly casual, but sharing and resharing content your followers can and want to engage with will help maximise your engagement.

Opt for a different style of writing within your group compared to your page. Writing as an individual is much more relatable and helps with building relationships, while on your page you can broadcast as your brand.

Use your Facebook group to run a poll or a webinar to understand what sort of problems, resources, training and content your follower enjoy and what formats make them want to engage.

You can share memes, GIFS and videos that are current AND relevant to your brand – don’t confuse your followers by sharing content that is completely off brand to you.

Recommendations and Proof

Testimonials, recommendations and proof of results go a very long way on digital platforms. They are the corner stone of your credibility. Having a customer create a video or add a testimonial to your group or page will help with converting new interested potential customers when they consider to work with you. Share your results of success as well to prove how valuable your skills are.


Show your face, use videos and lives, zoom training. Lives are another asset that work fantastically in your Facebook group! You can advertise the fact that you will be doing a live or workshop to your followers in the days leading up to get as many people watching as possible.

Make your followers feel visible, when direct mailing them on LinkedIn or Facebook customise your message and make it personal. Acknowledge your followers, reply to comments, thank them for their contributions and talk directly to that follower as a person, make sure not to ‘sales talk’ instead, listen and ask questions so that you get to know who you are followers are and can build those long lasting beneficial relationships.

If my blog has resonated with you and you would like advice, support and tips on how to use marketing effectively to grow your own Facebook community, attract your ideal client and develop your business.

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