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Do I really need to do lives and videos on my social media platforms?

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

By using the live features on your social media channels – Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, you are creating eye-catching, unique and authentic content. You are placing yourself in a key position in your follower’s news feeds and feeding the algorithms.

One of the key benefits of using the live feature means that you are converting a video broadcast into an opportunity for real time conversation, allowing you to capture your viewers interest in a matter of seconds. This is invaluable for building engagement, an immediate connection and it also builds trust for your followers.

Live steaming has a fantastic audience

rating, a recent study has shown that up to 80% of social media audiences would rather watch a live stream than they would read a blog. In this technological world, we all want to learn something new in the easiest and quickest manner! And a live training or short pre-recorded video can achieve that in under two minutes. Followers thrive off the intimate connection it provides allowing them to ask questions, flag up their pain points, or leave feedback that you can respond to instantly.

Bitesize benefits of live streaming:

  • Track engagement – Lives are great for tracking audience engagement. Tip - make sure you pay attention to click through rates as well as likes and shares.

  • Increase brand exposure – Lives are invaluable for increasing brand exposure. Tip -remember to keep your viewers’ attention.

  • Personifying your business – Lives are a great way to allow followers to see the person, or people behind the business. Tip – revealing how you work will create familiarity and should demonstrate WHY people should want to work with you.

  • Attention grabbing – Lives are an amazing tool for grabbing your audience’s attention. Tip – condense your information down and to keep viewers’ attention span.

  • Drive engagement – Lives are conversation starters. Tip – have a goal before you start a live, almost like a call to action.

  • Stay relevant – Lives give you the opportunity to tap into trending topics. Tip – choose trending topics that are relevant to your followers and your business.

Are you nervous about executing the perfect live stream?

If you’re nervous about producing the perfect live stream in a studio type room, then fear not! It is important to remember that your followers aren’t looking for perfection during a live stream, like I said above, it’s the authenticity that they are here for.

Do not feel like you need a pristine and perfect live for it to be successful. A de-cluttered background with natural lighting will be more than enough, try and stream from a room with minimal outside noise for obvious reasons and try using a mic if you’re feeling you want that next level – Air pods or mobile phone headsets will be more than adequate to begin with!

Keep it simple and focus on the content and knowledge you are sharing with your audience, not the aesthetics.

Scared about showing your face?

Be confident, your followers aren’t following you to judge your appearance, they’re following you because they love the content you are already providing them. The information you share with them and the relationship, support and community you offer. Focus on those thoughts when you are going live. These are people that would love to sit down and have a conversation over a coffee with you it’s as simple as that – keep focused on positive vibes.

Make sure you set your environment up before you go live and have a few mock runs first. Make sure you are comfortable, adjust your seating position and camera height to find a camera angle you feel happy with and have all this set up before you go live. That way you won’t be looking at the camera worried about what is behind you or whether your t-shirt is appropriate.

You want to go into your live relaxed and confident, and assessing the factors around you before you go on camera will allow you to do that. If you feel you need help with these sort of challenges, make sure to join our group on Facebook, as I offer daily advice and support, as well as training to help you maximise your connection with your ideal client and share lots of tips and tricks to convert them into customers.

Remember – your followers aren’t expecting a perfect robot, they want to see you! Your vulnerabilities are also your strengths, why not reach out to your followers after a live and say what you found difficult or uncomfortable about it? I’m sure many will reply saying they feel or felt the same after their first few lives, they will probably find comfort from you being honest with them and will be even more likely to tune in again next time.

Think about these useful tips before going live:

  • Practice makes perfect – familiarize yourself with being in front of that camera, have a laugh about it and get comfortable talking to yourself.

  • Record yourself a few times doing a mock run and watch it back – you’ll probably be pleasantly surprised with what you see.

  • Have a roadmap – you want to be spontaneous and reactive during a live, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a road map dotted down of where you see the conversation going.

  • Get a tripod – these can be found cheaply on the internet, a little one that will clip your phone to a surface will do. You want to avoid the unavoidable shake you get when holding a camera, also it will help you feel more like you’re engaging in a conversation and less self-aware if you aren’t sat holding your phone during your live.

  • Be prepared to engage with your audience – answer questions in a light-hearted and casual manner.

  • Video length – it may take some time for viewers to join your live at the beginning so try and aim for the 20-minute mark when going live, this allows some buffer time at the beginning for followers to find your video and also allows time to answer questions without forcing you to rush through your agenda.

Most important of all – BE YOURSELF and enjoy!

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