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6 Great Event Orientated Ideas to Promote your Business

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

One of the best ways to attract clients to your business is with a variety of activities that will funnel the potential clients into your database so that you can have their contact details and can interact with them. Showing them examples of how your service benefits them so that they want to pick up the phone or email you with an enquiry.

a lightbulb moment - strategy and planning ideas to promote your business
Strategy and planning ideas to promote your business

With this idea in mind, we have created a list of 6 great event orientated ideas that can help promote your business. With the use of marketing, you will spread the word far and wide and this will help you to increase brand awareness, re-connect with your existing clients, as well as attracting new ones.

Seekd pop-up shop

Idea 1 – Create a pop-up shop

A pop-up shop is a great way to build brand awareness. This can be done either in your own premises, or renting out a space in a good location for a day or two.

For example, if a shop is in between new tenants, this is a great opportunity for renting out the space for a short period of time at a busy shopping centre.

You can showcase and sell current and new product or services, as well as offering discounts and reduced prices to returning customers. This is an effective way of gaining new customers. Don’t forget to take down their contact details so that you can keep in touch.

A great way to attract people to your pop-up shop would be to have an exciting experience or entertainment that makes your business stand out on social media. Imagine if each person that attends your pop up shop is sharing their experience and hashtaging your company name. That will result in a huge reach within Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

You could have a photo booth that prints your companies name or logo onto the photo in the shop? All your new clientele will be sharing their awesome experiences with their friends!

Idea 2 – New Product or Service Launch

If you are launching a new service or product, what better way to promote it than to have a launch party where you can shout out about something new? Spread the word everywhere you can think of all about your launch party – send emails or a newsletter to existing and new customers, write a blog and make sure you have included posts on all your social media platforms. Create an offer such as “bring a friend for 10% off to attendees” to entice people to attend. If you are too busy to organise these marketing activities yourself, tap into our management service for your project or event, we can help to get everything setup and run it for you for a set period of time.

online digital marketing

Idea 3 – Social Media Marketing

Social media is an extremely useful way to get your brand name out into the public eye, boost your googl

e rating and create brand awareness. Let us guide you, create and manage the perfect marketing campaign to attract your ideal customer and get them to journey through a strategic marketing funnel which will convert them into a new client.

For example... promoting an online event on social media like a free webinar to attract clients to register via your website, then offering a special price for a service/product at the end of the webinar which they will want to book.

networking at event and speaking as an expert

Idea 4 – Attending Events as an Expert

Although hosting your own event is an effective way of marketing your business, another way to do this is by exhibiting at events as an expert. Exhibiting at an event where you are showcasing your services will tell customers a great deal about your company. Let your target market come to you instead of trying to find them.

If you exhibit at a well-known exhibition, then you are more likely to be considered as a serious and successful business. Make your exhibition stand interesting – many companies will offer some sort of freebie to potential clients. This could be something as simple as a pen with your logo or go for a quirky freebie that they want to keep and show everyone. This makes your company memorable and discussed with future potential client.

Don't forget to use your social media platforms prior to the exhibition to schedule lots of posts to tell your loyal and potential clients that you are showcasing your services and that they need to come and see you at your stand. If you are unsure how to do this, why not attend one of our training workshops or we could help you with all the marketing activities.

hosting a social media workshop and training clients

Idea 5 – Hosting Workshops

Hosting a workshop to existing and new clients can be a great way of connecting with your customers to see what they really want from your business.

Research popular questions by running some survey’s via email or social media so that you offer workshops that your client needs. Or tap into our marketing services to do the research, run a poll or survey on your behalf.

You could also arrange a speaker or activity to cover a topic of interest your potential clients or loyal customers share with you. You can host a workshop at your premises, or rent out a space such as a coffee shop, meeting room or quirky venue.

Idea 6 – Customer Loyalty

Loyal customers are key to a successful business. Make your most loyal customers feel valuable and draw attention to your business with a VIP event. Keep it small — think after-hours cocktail style party. So that you can offer all customers canapes and cocktails while enjoying a special activity like a jazz singer, entertainer or massage.

When your loyal customers come to your VIP event, there should always be something that they can tap into. Although they are attending for free, you can still promote your latest product or tell them about a future event, workshop or talk that you may be organising.

There are so many great ideas listed above, if you would love to discuss how we can help you to implement any of the above ideas, do give us a call on 020 8905 2908 or email us at hello@iyadormarketing.co.uk

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