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10 reasons why a mentor can help your business succeed

Have you ever felt a little lost? Not sure what step to take next? Do you have a big decision to make or lots of different choices to consider?

Imagine having someone who has walked in your shoes, who has had the same ups and downs, same obstacles to overcome and has achieved success!

Now imagine having that person to turn to when you are feeling completely overwhelmed. Having that person there to give you guidance, advice, step by step solutions and connections that can help you thrive.

This is why having a mentor can make a huge difference to your business!

Working with a business mentor can help take your game to the next level whilst helping you develop a stronger company. Mentoring often has many benefits, such as increased productivity, increased turnover and higher business efficiency. Whilst helping you increase your knowledge, improve your skills and problem-solving ability, your self-confidence and leadership skills will sky rocket.

There are endless reasons why you should work with a mentor but here are our top 10 reasons:

1) Getting advice

The number one benefit of working with a mentor is being able to freely ask questions and gain the advice of the business professional you have mentoring you. When running a business, especially when starting out in business, you can often find you are overwhelmed with advice from over enthusiastic parties and family members, especially when it comes to social media and marketing – everyone thinks they’re an expert! And, whilst advice is greatly appreciated, in these circumstances it can often act as a hinderances and even been detrimental to you and your business.

Therefore, hiring a business coach who is a seasoned professional in your industry can prove invaluable helping you stay on the right path.

2) Accountability

We all know how easy it is to get distracted when you are running your own business, there is so much to do all the time, don’t even start on those TikTok rabbit holes you fall down when procrastinating on a Monday morning!

Having a business mentor helps you reign that procrastination back in. The guidance, trust and support that they offer will help you hone your skills and become better at your craft!

They can set up expectations, targets and goals which they will then check in and on often, evaluate your/business progress and share honest observations that will support with thought provoking questions.

Your mentor will be able to give you a gentle nudge when needed, they will be able to share their first-hand experience and guide you through current struggles, keeping you on track.

3) Confidence boost

Knowing you have an industry professional in your corner will give you a massive boost of confidence, even on the days where you are lacking in self-confidence.

A good mentor will offer your praise when you have made good decisions and help you realise what decisions you have made and why you have made them, equipping you with the confidence to face similar challenges and decision-making scenarios at a later date, on your own.

You may need to stand the ground for your business one day, so do not overlook this reason to work with a business mentor.

Tackle that imposter syndrome head on with a mentor, it is something that nearly all of us have struggled with or are struggling with. It can be hard when running your own business to take that step back and acknowledge that your success and achievements are indeed because of your own actions, skills and hard work!

4) Expand your network

Remember your mentor is an industry professional, they have years of experience and will be well known in their field. They have years of networking under their belt and a black book full of contacts.

Your mentor will be able to but you in contact with their connections to help make your business more successful. You may also find that your mentor is able to introduce you to other business that are new and therefore you may find that you’re in a position where you can offer your services to each other, saving you time, money and growing your network.

it is vital that you have a strong support group when running your own business

5) Different point of view

One of the most obvious things that a business mentor will offer you, is their point of view. Being self-employed or the owner of a business can cause your ideas to stagnate and sometimes you just can’t see another way (which could be obvious to a fresh pair of eyes) because you have been looking at the same problem for too long.

Introducing a business mentor can help you look at problems, solutions and approaches from a different perspective which will help you develop, improve and succeed.

6) Improving your skills

A business mentor isn’t there to focus solely on your business in a financial capacity. They focus on the business as a whole, this includes you! You are the driving force of your business and the backbone to your company and its future.

A business mentor will pay attention to this, and they will help you refine your key skills and push you outside your comfort zone if they think it is necessary for you to learn other key skills to benefit your business and its growth.

For example, if a client is not responding in the manner you wish, or understanding what you are saying to them, your mentor will sit down with you and look at your process and approach and identify areas where they feel the mistakes are being made or you are missing the mark. They will then not only highlight these to you, but also tell you how you can improve on them and put them into practice.

7) Set Goals

Your mentor may determine that the goals you currently have set for your business are not as important as they may have been when you set them.

This is something that is common and happens often when starting your own business.

You may decide along the journey of working with your mentor, that in fact you have some additional news goals that you feel are relevant and import, so make sure you share these with your mentor so that could open a discussion about them and decide whether or not to include them in your plans.

You may find yourself being asked questions such as ‘is this (goal) still the most important thing in this equation right now?’ or something along the lines of ‘what is your biggest concern or challenge right now?’ by asking questions like this, your mentor will be able to determine whether you are on the right track and also gain and understanding of the bigger picture.

8) Step by step planning

Your mentor is there for you every step of the way, together you can address your future plans, whether that be 3 months, 1 year or 5 years and plan ahead. Your mentor will help you break your plans down into step by steps goals and targets.

Doing this helps you stay in control of your business; it prevents you from becoming overwhelmed when thinking about the future and your plans and forecasts. When you break a large-scale plan down into step-by-step stages with smaller more achievable goals (that all mount to the big goals) you are far more likely to succeed!

9) Implementing a successful strategy

You might find that you’re unable to get your strategy ideas down on paper because there are just too many of them in your head. Or you may find that every time you set out to implement your current strategy, you are constantly faced with obstacles and questions you can’t answer.

When working with a mentor like our mentor Idit – they will assess your current situation, listen to all your ideas and provide answers to your questions. They will analyse your needs, your goals and will map out with you how to achieve these and develop a realistic timeline for you to keep to.

Your mentor will be able to recommend the best systems and platforms to support this strategy and will guide you through the steps and processes and best practices.

When working with a mentor on a long term basis they will be with you every step of the way through your strategy, they will serve as your sounding board and advisor and will be sure to motivate your and hold you accountable to make sure your meet all the KPIs you have set together.

10) Idit Ginsberg

Here at the head of Iyador Marketing we have our very own Idit Ginsberg –

Idit established Iyador (written in a quirky way … but pronounced I Adore Marketing) in 2020 after her passion, flair for creativity and desire to mentor inspired her to take a leap of faith and launch the business. She has over 20 years extensive experience in marketing, fundraising and events, and is a driven and successful mentor - you're in safe hands with Idit!

If you would like more information about our mentor services and would like to see if Idit is the right mentor for you, then give us a call today. We will only recommend Idit if we genuinely think you are the right fit for each other and therefore are offering a free strategy session when you reference this blog.

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