The Marketing Rule of 7

“It takes an average of 7 interactions with your brand before a purchase will take place”

Marketing rule of 7

Your social media platforms need to have engaging consistent content so that when potential clients explore your "Social Media Pages" they can see you are well recommended, have a following and are consistently sharing valuable information and eye-catching photos.


This way they will know that you are a trustworthy, reliable company that can provide the service they need and can confidently approach you for more information or to book your service.


Making use of a variety of methods we will persuade them to get in touch, to find out more so that you can pitch your services and turn them into a client.

To accomplish this we will need to create a marketing campaign with monthly goals and evaluate the results. This way we can see what is working, what potential clients are drawn too so that we know what needs tweaking and what to repeat.



What does a marketing campaign look like?

Step 1 - Establish your target market

Step 2 - Decide on a product/s or service/s to promote

Step 3 - Set a goal for the month

Step 4 - Decide on the social media platforms to use, the frequency and type of content which will be created

Step 5 - Decide if a marketing funnel will be required 

Step 6 - Produce, approve and schedule the content

Step 7 - Evaluate the results

Step 8 - Discuss the results and revise the plan if requred for the next month