With 10 easy tried and tested marketing steps!

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Do you know what PROBLEM your CLIENT has that needs solving?

Have you created an opportunity for yourself where you can show them how and why YOU are the best SOLUTION to their problem?

Do you know how to build that long lasting relationship with your ideal client digitally that is so easy to establish in person?

Did you know that an event like a webinar or 5 day challenge is a great way to add value, show your expertise and help a business or customer connect with you and leave them wanting to find out more!

Having worked in the events, fundraising and marketing industry for over 20 years and having the opportunity to help numerous businesses attract their ideal clients and convert them from an interested viewer into a paying customer, I felt this was a secret which has to be shared!

The tried and tested 10 step customer journey which I have developed and implemented for my clients begins with an event and has successfully enticed their ideal clients consistently to attend!

I would love to share my knowledge with you and help you grow your business from strength to strength.

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How to Convert Interest Into a Paying Customer

Date: Wednesday 21 July 2021

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Lets take Social Media to the next level and convert more potential customers into confirmed clients.


Also do check out our exciting workshop which will enable you to manage your Marketing Strategy effectively and successfully!

Entitled - Marketing Secrets At Your Fingertips 

NOTE: This webinar is aimed at established companies with a regular client base who are making use of events (like webinars, workshops, courses, talks, demonstrations, experience days) to attract their ideal clients or want to start if they have not done so already.