Iyador Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency for start-ups and SME's based in Hertfordshire. 

Who are we?

Idit Ginsberg established Iyador Marketing in 2020. Her passion, flair for creativity, desire to mentor and excellent organisational skills combined with her extensive experience in marketing, fundraising and events over the last 20 years became the inspiration to launching Iyador Marketing.

Why work with us?


At Iyador Marketing our goal is to make sure your ideal client wants to follow your page and connect with your business because you are the solution to their problems!


We do this with creating and managing a variety of marketing services which include blogging, content writing, ad campaign, telemarketing campaign, texting campaign, SEO and lead generation.

Our goal is to ensure all our clients feel well supported and guide them to make the right decisions with their marketing strategy, social media and lead generation so that they don’t waste their time or money posting content that is not engaging or consistent and reach out to their ideal client with the wrong message.


At Iyador Marketing we want all our clients and students to increase their following of loyal customers that will recommend their services and entice new ones to join.


We want to build long lasting relationship while their companies grows from strength to strength.


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Idit Ginsberg

Founder & CEO

Hi I am Idit Ginsberg

Spending over 20 years gaining extensive experience in marketing, sales, fundraising and events for other companies, I felt it was time for a new challenge.

An opportunity to use all my skills and experience and launch my own business... and so Iyador Marketing was launched.

I really want to mentor, support and help companies reach their dreams and can't wait to find out what your goals are so we can help you achieve them.

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Max Ginsberg

Marketing & Finance Consultant

Hi I am Max Ginsberg 


Having run my own Jewellery  e-commerce business and all the challenges that I got to experience and overcome,


I have all the exprience needed to help you succeed too.


I am also the best Accountant on the planet!

I am here to make sure Iyador's accounts are A ok.


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